Will Elderberry Syrup Help with a Cold?

Will Elderberry Syrup Help with a Cold?

Will Elderberry Syrup Help with a Cold?

Even a mild cold can prove incredibly uncomfortable. Symptoms like sore throats, runny noses, and headaches can make day-to-day activities difficult, while also playing havoc with sleep schedules. Most healthcare experts agree that the main way to overcome a common cold is to stay hydrated, keep warm, and ensure you’re getting plenty of sleep. 

Following this advice will certainly speed up your recovery, but you’ll still need to deal with uncomfortable virus symptoms in the meantime. Elderberry syrup has long been used as a supplementary remedy for overcoming the common cold, although the jury is still out regarding its effectiveness. 

– The Evidence 

There haven’t been many in-depth studies carried out into the effectiveness of elderberry syrup as a cold and flu remedy. However, the health benefits of the elderberry plant are well documented. 

While consuming elderberry syrup won’t prevent you from being infected by cold and flu viruses, it can help minimise the severity of symptoms once you are infected. Recent studies have suggested that consuming elderberry syrup once infected with influenza viruses can alleviate symptoms in the upper respiratory system. Consumed in high enough doses, elderberry syrup may help lessen inflammation of the airways, improving breathing and lessening the severity of coughs and agitation. 

Can Elderberry Syrup Be Used to Ward Off Infection? 

Most research highlights the benefits of elderberry in reducing the severity of cold and flu symptoms and overall duration of illness. However, a handful of studies suggest that consumed in high enough doses, elderberries may help strengthen the body’s immune system, making it more likely that infection is prevented outright. 

This is largely down to the high levels of antioxidants found in elderberries. Provided you are consuming a balanced diet and committing to other healthy lifestyle choices, consuming elderberries in syrup form may give your immune system a fighting chance at preventing infection from commonly circulating cold and flu viruses. 

Other Benefits of Elderberry Syrup

While elderberry syrup is largely used to alleviate the symptoms of respiratory illness, there is some evidence to suggest it can be used to lessen nerve pain, especially with conditions like sciatica. Any effectiveness is almost certainly thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of elderberry.