How Original Elderberry Company was Founded

Welcome! Original Elderberry Company was founded in 2019 by a mom on a mission to boost her family’s immunity. Mother to two young boys, Divya Yoder was looking for a natural health product to cure common ailments, but was unable to find one locally that was palatable and effective in boosting immunity.

After extensive research, Divya decided to put her desire to provide a healthy solution for her family to the test by creating her own recipe. Drawing upon memories of ancient and time-tested medicinal remedies from her native India, Divya concocted a potent blend using pure ingredients, such as Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, cloves and local raw honey. In addition to being powerfully curative, Divya’s boys LOVE the taste of Original Elderberry products. These products have made a huge impact on her family and local community which is why she wants to share this great product with you!

Divya Yoder