Does Elderberry Syrup Help with Allergies?

Does Elderberry Syrup Help with Allergies?

If you’re someone who suffers from allergies and has had little luck with conventional medicines, it might be time to explore the benefits of Elderberry Syrup. Elderberry has been a go-to ingredient in allergy treatments for hundreds of years, with this humble flowering plant believed to boost the immune system. Elderberry syrup is made with the dark-hued berries of the plant, rather than the bark or flowers, to produce a rich elixir that’s particularly effective at reducing the impact of inflammation. 

Why is Elderberry an Effective Remedy for Allergies? 

We are always asked, “does elderberry syrup help with allergies?” The simple answer is – yes! Our syrup is produced with raw honey and it can certainly help those who suffer from more mild allergy symptoms. Elderberries themselves provide a rich source of antioxidants that bolster the immune system. Furthermore, the berries provide a natural source of anti-inflammatory compounds which can ease the most common symptoms associated with allergies. If you’re suffering from allergies, consuming a tablespoon or two of elderberry syrup diluted in water is an easy way of easing discomfort and improving recovery time. 

Elderberry is also a far better option than other syrup extras, such as cranberry and blueberry. While these berries are rich in antioxidants, they don’t pack the same punch when it comes to flavonoid content. It’s the potent anthocyanin content that makes elderberries so effective at easing inflammation. Other syrup extracts simply don’t cut it in comparison. 

Additional Health Benefits 

In addition to anti-inflammatory properties, elderberry syrup is high in antioxidants. These come in handy if your body is suffering from the effects of cold or flu viruses. If you’re suffering from allergies as well as a cold, the high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants found in elderberry syrup can help you on the road to recovery. 

Elderberries are also rich in dietary fiber. This makes it ideal for those looking for a natural remedy to aid digestion. If you’re suffering from constipation or gastronomical upsets, a small amount of elderberry syrup can get things moving again. Consuming elderberry syrup regularly enough can also improve the effectiveness of your digestive system by increasing the number of essential nutrients your body absorbs from your regular diet.