What does Elderberry Help With?

What does Elderberry Help with?

Elderberry has been cultivated for its medicinal properties since prehistoric times. Its berries have long been consumed in juice form, while its leaves are also commonly infused with water to produce soothing teas. 

It’s readily accepted that elderberry is a fairly effective remedy for treating moderate cold and flu symptoms. However, it’s also regularly turned to help alleviate everyday allergies and sinus infections. Today, elderberries can be consumed in many forms, with syrups, lozenges, and gummies being among the most popular options. 

What Does Elderberry Help With? – Key Health Benefits 

Both the flowers and fruit of elderberry plants are rich in antioxidants and packed with essential vitamins. When consumed in high enough concentrations, elderberry eases symptoms of cold and flu, providing your immune system with a much-needed boost. 

Elderberry is also used for its anti-inflammatory properties. Not only can elderberry help alleviate swelling, but it will also reduce your body’s natural immune system which can exacerbate inflammation. 

An Effective Remedy for Allergy Sufferers 

If you’re looking for a natural allergy relief solution, elderberry is a good choice. The effectiveness of elderberry as an allergy remedy largely lies in its ability to soothe inflammation and improve the function of the body’s immune system. If your allergy symptoms are only moderate, elderberries can often prove just as effective as antihistamines. 

Antiviral Properties 

Although in-depth studies have yet to be carried out, early research shows that elderberries may have some potent antiviral qualities. This makes elderberry a good choice of remedy for those struggling with cold and flu symptoms. 

Preliminary studies have shown that elderberries may be able to prevent viruses from penetrating cells. Even those already infected with cold and flu viruses can benefit from elderberries, with the plant thought to help prevent further viral transmission to new cells.

Improved Gut Health 

Elderberries contain something called anthocyanin. These compounds are what give the elderberry its hallmark colour, but are also useful for promoting the healthier function of many of the body’s key systems. In addition to improved respiratory health and glucose management, anthocyanins can also help keep levels of gut bacteria in check. You can maximise effectiveness further by consuming elderberry remedies along with other health supplements, such as probiotics.