How My Family Stays Healthy

Family Health Elderberry Syrup

How my family stay healthy, especially around the holidays. We know elderberry syrup helps boost our immune systems, so we make sure to have some on hand. We take our Elderberry Syrup daily along with our Elderberry Gummies. If we are seeing friends and family, we always take an extra boost just to be preventive.

When it comes to exercise, we make sure we get some in each day. Even if its just a walk around the block or dancing around the living room with our kids, it helps us stay active and healthy. We also try to drink lots of water throughout the day to keep us hydrated and energized. We bundle up in our warmest jackets and head outside for some fresh air. Plus, it’s really nice to spend special moments together as a family. If it’s too cold outside for a walk or run, my kids and I stay in shape by exercising indoors, and playing board games that get us up and moving.

As we know, many of us do not drink enough water, especially during the cold months. Staying hydrated is also key when the weather is cold. We make sure that each of us drinks water throughout the day, even if it means reminding each other! Keeping our bodies healthy helps ensure we can enjoy the holidays fully and happily. You can always spice up your water with Elderberry Syrup. We will put it in our water bottle and indulge during a workout or even mix it in tea, coffee, smoothies and more!

We know that elderberry syrup helps boost our immune system, so we make sure to take it daily. We also drink water with Elderberry throughout the day to keep us hydrated and energized. Plus, exercise can help us stay active and healthy. As a family, we use elderberry syrup in our drinks such as water and tea for an extra boost. Our Elderberry Tea is also another great option – we call it our beautiful wellness blend. Its a grate balance of Elderberries, Echinacea, Rose Hip, and Peppermint. By staying healthy around the holidays, we are able to enjoy them fully and happily! Enjoy elderberry syrup this season and have a happy, healthy holiday!

As a family, we are very active during the season seeing many friends and family. We always take our Elderberry before and after events and even more if we believe we are around someone that is immune compromised. Elderberry is wonderful and taking it multiple times a day doesn’t hurt. We are always able to bounce back quickly when we catch colds, coughs, or any other common ailments. We started taking Elderberry in 2019 when we started our business. We started cooking in our kitchen, to boost our own immunity and shared the delicious taste with family and friends which promoted us to share our love of our syrup on Facebook. With many orders coming in, we decided to start our business to spread the love of elderberry and do what we can to keep people healthy. Now, elderberry is a daily part of our routine and it never fails to keep us healthy. This year, elderberry is helping us to stay healthy during the holidays! So make sure you stock up on elderberry syrup and gummies for yourself and your family. Staying healthy around the holidays has never been easier with elderberry! Happy Holidays!

By following these simple tips, we can all enjoy the holiday season while staying safe and healthy. We wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season filled with joy and love!

By taking elderberry, exercising and drinking water, we are helping to stay healthy through the holidays. That way we can truly enjoy our time with friends and family! So make sure you remember elderberry, exercise and water – it’s a great way to get in shape for the holiday season. Happy Holidays!