Home Remedies for a Sinus Infection

If you’re someone who regularly suffers from sinus infections, you’ve probably endured in some sort of home remedy in an attempt to alleviate your symptoms. While many DIY remedies can provide effective relief, few are as reliable as elderberry-based supplements to fight off a sinus infection.

Elderberry contains a potent mix of chemicals and compounds that can help alleviate swelling of sinus tissues and mucous membranes, dramatically improving the symptoms of nasal congestion. Furthermore, elderberries also contain a whole host of other compounds that work to combat inflammation more generally. 

Why Elderberry is an Effective Remedy for Sinus Infections

It’s little wonder that elderberry is one of the most effective home remedies for sinus infections. The rich antioxidant properties of elderberry provide the immune system with essential support to prevent illnesses from progressing, while the anti-inflammatory credentials reduce swelling and alleviate sinus infection symptoms once they do appear. 

All sinus infections result in some swelling of the tissues surrounding the nasal cavities. This inflammation rarely progresses to the stage where breathing becomes impossible, but it almost always results in a great deal of discomfort. This inflammation can be particularly bothersome for people with other conditions, such as asthma. It can also make sleeping incredibly difficult. 

How to Consume Elderberry to Combat Sinus Infections 

If you’re looking for a tried and tested home remedy for sinus infections, opt for an elderberry supplement that can be consumed in liquid form. Elderberry syrups are arguably the best option. These liquid-based supplements are usually fairly concentrated, offering a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Some can be consumed as they are, while others may need to be diluted with water. 

When choosing elderberry syrup, pay attention to how the product is sweetened. Some products are enriched with added sugar, which may render them unsuitable for those looking to monitor their sugar intake. Others may be sweetened with natural ingredients such as raw honey. Although healthier, these products aren’t always recommended for children under the age of one. 

Elderberry tincture is another option for those looking to make home remedies for sinus infections. These highly concentrated solutions can be administered directly to the tongue or mixed into water or juices. Unlike syrups, they contain no added sugar.