Are Elderberry Gummies Safe for Toddlers?

Are Elderberry Gummies Safe for Toddlers?

Elderberry is one of the most popular ingredients in natural remedies. For centuries, this flowering plant has been used to produce all manner of teas, tinctures, and tablets to combat everything from sinus infections to chronic inflammation. Elderberry can also be consumed to boost immune systems, making it an unattractive option for parents looking to brace their children against common colds and other contagious diseases. Getting toddlers to take their medicine isn’t always easy, but elderberry gummies provide a palatable alternative to syrups and teas. 

Are Elderberry Gummies Safe for Toddlers to Consume? 

If you’re looking for a child-friendly remedy for things like common colds and sinus infections, elderberry supplements are a good option. Elderberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins and minerals like zinc and vitamin C. However, the relatively low potency levels make elderberry supplements a suitable choice for toddlers. 

Some parents choose to avoid health supplements, especially syrups and gummies. This is because many products tend to include things like glucose syrup and artificial sweeteners to improve their palatability. Our elderberry gummies contain none of these and are wholly organic and vegan-friendly. What’s more, they’re a richer source of zinc and vitamin C than other products on the market. 

Elderberry Health Benefits for Children 

Elderberries aren’t just a good source of vitamins. They also contain active compounds that are known to promote a stronger immune response. This makes them very effective at aiding recovery from things like common colds and flu viruses. Many children suffer from several bouts of cold and flu in any given year from mixing with classmates and social groups. Should your toddler come down with the sniffles, elderberry gummies can help lessen the most uncomfortable symptoms and promote faster recovery. 

How Often Should Toddlers Take Elderberry Supplements? 

Although most experts agree that elderberry supplements are safe for adults and older children to consume regularly, it’s best to adopt a more cautious approach when introducing gummies and other supplements to toddlers. 

Ideally, elderberry gummies should only be used for their therapeutic effects in the short term as far as toddlers are concerned. Although you should avoid giving elderberry gummies to much younger children to avoid a choking hazard, toddlers over the age of 18 months should experience no unwanted side effects from such supplements.