Elderberry Essentials Collection



Discover the amazing benefits of elderberry with our Essentials Collection. This great value set includes some of our first elderberry products, providing you with everything you need to strengthen your immune system and combat seasonal illnesses.

Our elderberry syrup is loaded with nutrient-rich elderberry extract, along with wholly natural ingredients like clove, ginger, and Ceylon cinnamon. You can consume it as it is, or blend it into smoothies, tonics, and other recipes to ensure you’re getting your recommended dosage of delicious elderberry daily.

Looking for something more practical? ON.THE.GO.™ is the answer to your prayers. This pocket-friendly tincture contains plenty of elderberries and a heap of natural ingredients to combat seasonal illnesses, alleviate inflammation, and more. As the label suggests, this tincture is designed for life on the go. Simply reach for the applicator and add a drop to your tongue whenever you want to enjoy the amazing effects of elderberry.

Our gummies are a great choice for families. Each serving is packed with 300mg of elderberry, while the juicy raspberry flavor will go down a storm with little ones.

If you prefer to take your elderberry in the form of traditional tea, our herbal tea bags will impress. This wellness blend is not lacking in elderberry, while the mellow flavor will cater to every palate.

ELDERBERRY SYRUP ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: elderberries, filtered water, fresh ginger, whole cloves, Ceylon cinnamon, raw honey.

All elderberry syrup bottles are sealed and boast a shelf life of two years. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consumed within 90 days.

Please note, our elderberry syrup is made with raw honey. This means the product is unsafe for children aged under 12 months.

ON.THE.GO™ ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: filtered water, Ceylon cinnamon, Non-GMO vegetable glycerin, organic elderberries

Gummies Recommended Dosage: 1 gummy daily for children, 2 gummies daily for adults.


Introducing our Elderberry Essentials Collection, a curated ensemble that encapsulates the natural prowess of elderberries in a range of carefully crafted products. Elevate your wellness journey with this comprehensive collection designed to empower and nourish you from every angle.

🌿 Holistic Wellness, Elevated: The Elderberry Essentials Collection is more than just a set of products – it’s a holistic approach to well-being. Each item within the collection has been meticulously designed to provide a well-rounded boost to your health.

🍬 Variety in Wellness: From gummies to teas, syrups to tinctures, this collection offers a diverse array of ways to enjoy the goodness of elderberries. Embrace the flexibility to choose the product that best aligns with your preferences.

🌸 Immune Support Reinvented: Elderberries are at the heart of this collection, renowned for their immune-boosting properties. Unlock the full potential of these berries as they infuse every product, enriching your immune system.

🍯 Natural Goodness Unleashed: Taste the authenticity of elderberries without compromise. The collection’s products are delicately formulated to allow the genuine flavor of elderberries to shine through.

🌍 Responsibly Sourced: Our commitment to quality extends to sourcing practices that prioritize both your health and the environment. With the Elderberry Essentials Collection, you’re making a choice that echoes your values.

🍃 Companion for Every Lifestyle: Whether you’re an on-the-go explorer, a tea enthusiast, or a wellness seeker, this collection accommodates your lifestyle. Embrace products that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.

🍇 Synergy of Ingredients: Depending on the product, the Elderberry Essentials Collection might include additional natural ingredients that enhance their benefits. Each item represents a careful fusion of elements to maximize their potential.

🌱 Customized Self-Care: This collection is all about you and your wellness journey. Tailor your experience by combining products, experimenting with flavors, and discovering what resonates best with your body.

🫐 Elevate Your Rituals: The Elderberry Essentials Collection invites you to create wellness rituals that transcend the ordinary. Experience the transformative power of elderberries as you make self-care a priority.

Embrace the harmony of nature and science with the Elderberry Essentials Collection. It’s a symphony of well-being, a tribute to elderberries, and a celebration of your journey towards a more vibrant and vital you. Open the door to a world of wellness possibilities and indulge in the essence of elderberries through every product in this thoughtfully curated collection.